flexible furniture & Objects


like an old toy


as the scent of wood


by showing exactly
how things are built


is newly created by Takeshi Tamashiro, a mexican designer living in Italy.
Tak has many singular projects in the queue, waiting to see the light and be produced…

The first one is called “WORK SWEET WORK” and it will very soon go into production!

crowdfunding & pre-sale campaign

the furniture

“work sweet work”

a complete workstation composed of 3 different objects, that can also be used independently

play showreel


Sit on it or twist it to use its back as a high stool.
You can store magazines or papers in its lower compartment.
It is light, soft, and comfortable to work in any position… and it’s foldable!

The cushion is customizable and is hand woven by top quality italian wool crafters for high beauty and comfort.

functions & dimension


When closed is a drawing easel, a music or reading stand… when opened is a WIDE desk. It has its own penholder, drawer, lamp and as many plug connectors as needed.
Apt for children and adults, it is specially studied to be used with a laptop… and if you have messy notebooks or a bad looking computer you can always close and hide it in!

functions & dimension


It is a super desk companion or just a small table you can move around where needed.

It is a flexible working top, a storing compartment and a printer stand.

This moving furniture can be placed under the desk, either to save space or to carry the desk around…

functions & dimension



After many months of a very interesting process, bringing this project to different events in Europe while spreading the voice online, we have finally concluded our IndieGOGO Crowdfunding campaign and thanks to the support of some of our friends and lovely ambassadors we will very soon have the first samples produced!

There are many things we would like to share with you about all this process, the more we dig into the project the more it becomes clear that it is most relevant to bring and create VALUE in our environment and society and this is making us explore “the way that feels right” to bring an object to life!….

We would be super happy to hear from you in the meantime and will be very soon having some interesting news 😉

For all your support, Thanks a lot!

crowdfunding & pre-sale campaign


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(a glimpse of lautak next projects)

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