– Unique pieces –


born from a recurrent need of experimentation

blocks of “poor” wood

born from the practice of binding wooden blocks or tables together only through wooden joints


b i r d s

for some time now I have been cultivating this project, which unifies my split interest towards mechanisms (which requires meticulous calculation and planning) and the will to create while doing (no planning – Improvisation).

Through the plastic rapresentation of their marvelous bodies, the Idea is to recreate some traits of character of this flying beings.

I find the evolutionary leaps that has lead them to perform such things as flying for months, fishing with incredible mastery, building or knitting nests, etc..reveals a lot of what our life in this planet is. The indivisible mix of Need and Joy – the constant dance of negotiating with constriction. It is not the singular being that evolves itself, but its response to the environment that opens new windows of possibility.

In comparison to other things I do, these “objects” have no “function” apart of the subtle value of perhaps opening windows.

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