Lautak payments are managed by Paypal. In other words… paypal is our pal.
Payments can be done directly with most Credit or Debit cards, without necessarily having a Paypal account.

Lautak is a very young growing enterprise and it can sell without applying VAT for the moment= good for you 😉

Our furniture and objects are packed with maximum care, the boxes are exhaustively designed to well protect the content and to be 100% paper. We love paper, you can write on it, cut it, fold it, crumble it into a ball, burn it…..and of course, you can recycle it.

We ship from our warehouse in the countryside of Florence to any location in Europe through DHL, TNT or Fedex.

We can also ship to any other country around the world, in this case the cost of shipping will be higher.

The cost of shipping may be free to some locations or have a flat rate, whenever you check out on the Online shop the cost of shipping will appear after you enter your Country.

Many passages of our production are carefully done by hand, every piece of furniture is attentively put together to see that everything works well, then disassembled, packed and handed to our shipper.

In order to complete your order we need 3 to 5 days to complete it and hand it to the shipper. Once the package is on its way you will receive a tracking number by email. Shipping within Europe takes only 3 or 4 days. Outside of Europe it may take longer depending on the corner of the World you are in.

It is our wish to have everything work smoothly and we invest a lot in it, if you have any comment, doubt, complaint or encouragement feel free to contact us, we are real people!

Post Sales Support & Refunds

You are not happy with what you got?
Something went wrong during shipping?
We missed packing an element of your piece of furniture?

Contact us as soon as possible, we will find the best solution together.

+39 348 9282946