behind this name there is me,

Takeshi Tamashiro,

a mexican creative, living in the Tuscan countryside

There has been many years of constant study and experimentation, building furniture and rethinking rooms have kept me awake and curious up to now, I love mechanisms but most of all I respect genious and simplicity, a quality you see mostly in old wooden games.

Being a parent certainly puts things under a different light, and I constantly wonder where our world is heading and what we humans are doing in the present…  keeping this question in mind I go ahead, striving to find the best solution on every single choice, finding balance between doing what feels true in the present and the effects my actions and creations will have on the future.

This all translates into BEAUTY & QUALITY.

And only beauty and true quality will save the world!

Location. An eye to the environment

lautak atelier is based in the beautiful countryside of Montespertoli, in the province of Florence. Where there is lots of space, many trees, some hens and deep old woods, a place that fits just well with our designs…

Much is currently said about the environment, but still mountains of bad quality products and hard to reuse materials keep on growing.

As many other brave producers, we strive to make the difference. Our focus on respect of this world and its inhabitants are split in several poiont:

– minimize production waste & energy consumption

– choose real wood over processed panels as much as possible – use it, pass it on, or burn it!

– sturdy designs – longlasting furniture

– choose natural or recycled materials over new sinthetic ones

Hands on Design

Takeshi is doing something (working, packing, moving, cooking…) things are not ideal, some extra function of an ally object may come handy!
Hand drawings, paper models, mechanism scale models, wood prototypes, CAD drawings & coffee maker come at hand, Tak’s atelier is furnished with the most varied tools to help him study what could be done.

In the long process of defining an object Tak seeks to balance simplicity of use (so things are actually handy) and simplicity of fabrication (therefore economy + purity) and this process is nurtured by the quest for beauty… it all starts with a function but it must end with a form.

Production. Only local

lautak object’s are studied to be produced with the help of today’s automated technologies while keeping a high degree of handcraft manufacture. The production combines the workforce of local (italian) woodworking carpentries + the direct work of lautak team.

For the production of every wooden object Lautak proudly collaborates with Falegnameria LENSI, one of the leading woodworking industries in Tuscany.

Not Buttons… BUT MUSCLES!

hinges and mechanisms do the work smoothly for you….

instead you can expect to adjust your strength and use your body’s intelligence to learn the mechanics and adapt to its movement

We love machines, but we’re not

Yes, we make use of some of the latest technologies in woodworking, but we keep our production small as many passages are carefully done by hand.

Few pieces, carefully made = best value!