a kid’s workstation

many functions in a true wooden machine

100% KID friendly

customazible in many colors!

it grows with her/him

ideal for ages 4 to 12 –

Open desk Height: 55 to 71 cm / Surface: 45 x 102 cm

very resistant solid beech structure to last longer than a childhood!

an early skills development companion

completely assemblable by the kid

Well packed in a compact and super secure box, when opened the kid can find the tools and instructions to Do It by Her/Himself

– features –

removable penholder
no metal parts! hinges made of super resistant Hemp belts
multifunctional! the side can be used to paint, draw or whatever comes to their mind
an extra wooden screw can be used as a hanger hook
very sturdy structure Built with solid Beech wood
removable penholder always in place
the working top can be tilted Good for handwriting or working on a laptop
storage compartment
curious opening mechanism. A didactical simple action
working surface treated with super resistant - certified non toxic - coating

– multifunctional –

for those who like to keep busy…

It can be used in multiple ways!

from the early drawings to the use of a laptop, all functions are studied to be ergonomical and comfortable

“best materials”… here is what it means:

structure in Beech wood treated only with natural oils

hinges made with Hemp belts

Working surface made of Birch plywood, treated with super resistant and health safe paint